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Scaricare Film Blue Is the Warmest Color Anno 2013 - آبی گرمترین رنگ است
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Blue Is the Warmest Color ( 2013 )

 con sottotitolo

7.8 di 10Tariffa media per 117,295 utenti su

Metacritic: 88/100
Punteggio degli utenti: 0 of 10
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Adèle's life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire and to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself, and ultimately finds herself through love and loss.

direttore:    Abdellatif Kechiche

Nazione:   France, Spain, Belgium

Protagonisti:    Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Salim Kechiouche

Scaricare Film Trading Paint Anno 2019 - رنگ های تجاری
+ Guardare in seguito17+

Trading Paint ( 2019 )

 con sottotitolo

6.4 di 10Tariffa media per 46 utenti su

Metacritic: -/100
Punteggio degli utenti: 0 of 10
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Veteran race car driver Sam Munroe and his son, a fellow driver from a small town overcome family and professional conflicts, balancing competition, ego, resentment and a racing nemesis to come out stronger on the other side.

direttore:    Karzan Kader

Nazione:   UK, Spain, Italy

Protagonisti:    John Travolta, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Barry Corbin